We have seen different class of people who do not want to go to church reached with the gospel of the Lord Jesus in Jam while in cars especially the Asian people.

Wehave gained confidence to boldly speak to the rich and poor alike of the saving massage of the Lord Jesus.

 One day we witnessed how prayer has worked for an engineer who had stop working to start drinking because he was bewitched to look like a mad man from the street.

While offering a ride and preaching to people, I found myself connected to many people who have stood in the gap to see that I become a dream achiever.


We have witnessed many people running to Jesus through this activity of preaching grace and praying for the community in their various homes. Many get save and approximately 60% of the numbers prayed for stand and become serious members of church. Those who have experience the kindness of God has drastically become the connectors of our church to their friend inviting them to come and witnessed Christ mercy for themselves.  The church has registered not less than 20 people within two months and work has increased for us since some wants to be laid hand on after service.

Family; our personal wives to us team members have got seriously involved in prayer and partnership with us in this ministry of reaching the destitute soul of men in their homes. As a result most of our wives are showing a different in their growth to maturity. Thanks and glory be to God for his grace.

Testimonies of restored lost job, held money paid to owner, promotion at work place, and family members of visited home getting save after hearing what the lord did to them is seriously coming. Witchcraft are being burned and relationships are being restored.



This is so much anointed for reaching the Muslim. One brother in the team has been so blessed to lead many Muslims to Christ and has become a story told in the mouth of the Muslims through praying and preaching to the Muslims and other people over the phone. We see demon casted out over a phone call on many occasions.

Through this many people have been healed and invitation has been given us because of the news of people being healed on their sick bed through phone call prayer and yet we have done that for not more than 4 months.



The Lord told me to always remember to serve him at work place with my character, preach to employees at work place and display the transformation that the grace of God brings in human life as they come to Jesus with my life. I started in 2016 one hour lunch time fellowship at work place and 2 hours street preaching in the evening in jam after work in order to reach the different races moving on their journey. The fellowship has given me encouragement as I see out of thirteen members of the fellowship 5 of them are disciple now and are now Sunday school teachers, interpreter, and programmers on Sunday in their churches. Am happy to them defending their faith in Jesus and pray that God continue to use me graciously.

However, we have had challenge from our work place fellowship especially from the Muslim community and bosses who act like Nebuchadnezzar towards the vision of making Christ known at work place.